4k TV Growth and Adoption Rates of 2015

4k TV Growth and Adoption Rates of 2015

4K TVs are the latest technology for television sets. These units are slowly becoming the standard TV models used in homes today. 4K television set technology has been available since 2003. However, it was not until 2013 that 4K televisions started to enter into consumer electronic markets. By 2015 many consumers have become aware of these high quality sets that are revolutionizing how they view movies and TV shows within their homes. Currently, 4K is slowly gaining ground in the market and is expected to explode in growth over the next five years.

Ultra High Definition or UHD is another name for 4K TV. Many electronic and retail stores have these models stocked on their shelves but most consumers are not aware that they exist. As a matter of fact, 4K television sets are primarily being advertised through word of mouth. Even though this is the case, consumers are slowly becoming aware that they exist.

In 2013 UHD sets did not make that much of a commotion. The average consumer just did not know anything about them. In 2014 UHD sets accounted for 7% of all TV sales in the U.S. This has not only occurred in the U.S. but in other countries as well. Globally, 4K TV Growth is starting to expand as more people are educated about this product.


Consumer markets in places such as Latin America, Middle East & Africa and emerging Asia Pacific are currently the biggest purchasers of television sets. As many cities and communities within those regions are becoming more economically secure; they are purchasing newer technology which will include UHD TV sets.

Keep in mind that the average cost of a 4K TV is around $2500. This is one reason why the average consumer within a western county does not pay too much attention to this model; it’s too expensive for many people to own. UHD TV sets are very advanced. They provide picture quality that far exceeds the standard models that are being used today. The pixel ratio for 4K TV is 3,840 x 2,160 and the average screens for these models are around 40”.

Also, there are many consumers still purchasing HD models. Do not forget that many consumers are now purchasing their first HD sets especially in the aftermarket where they can pick them up for a much cheaper price than purchasing them brand new. Again, price is a huge determining factor with consumers and families not being able to purchase a Samsung 4K TV.


Brand name manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony and LG are gearing up their organizations to start pushing more of these products onto consumers. Industry experts are expecting a huge jump in sales for these products in 2015. Traditionally Black Friday or the Christmas season is the biggest selling time of the year and organizations will be pushing to get the word out to consumers by this time. By September of 2015, consumers will definitely see more aggressive advertising across all media formats for these products. Ultimately, 4K TV sales are expected to account for at least 14% of the television market sales as more people become aware of this product and the units become affordable.

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