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Fun I’v Had Recently – Review

People who love paying casino games on the internet have a new option to consider. The freshly launched option is the This casino is different from others because it does not involve the use of currency. Instead of money, players deposit or make withdrawals using bitcoins. Apart form paying casino games; you can also place bets on various sporting activities using bitcoins.

Welcome Gift
Every new player at the new site gets a 100% bonus. All that is required to claim this bonus is to sign up. Once you are signed up, you should get in touch with customer support through the chat facility available on the site and lodge your claim for the bonus. You are assured of getting any kind of support you require at any time of day and night.
To take full advantage of the bonus, you are required to deposit 1 BTC. After the deposit, your account will get a credit of an extra 1 BTC which you will use to play. If you want to get cash out against the bonus, you should bet it 35 times the amount of bonus in question. All the requirements regarding the bonus are available on the site.


How to use the site
The site is very easy to use. The registration process only requires you to provide a username, email address and password. There will be no more details about you required. You will remain completely anonymous on the site.

Making deposits on the site is equally easy. Once you click on the deposit button, you will be directed to the correct window. There are two deposit options available. The first one is to copy the displayed bitcoin address. Click on send after you have selected the amount you intend to deposit. The amount you have sent will be loaded to your account instantly.
Alternatively, if you have a bitcoin wallet on your mobile phone or tablet, just scan the QR-address and the available bitcoin address. Select the amount you want to deposit and send to your account. The deposited amount will be available to you immediately. The amount deposited is then converted into milliBitCoins (mBTC).

The processing of making withdrawals is as quick as making deposits. Click on the withdrawal button and the right window will open. The next step is to paste the right bitcoin address. Select the amount you intend to withdrawal. The amount will be available in your wallet immediately. It is advisable to play in only registered online casinos. You are read a more detailed review of here. Bitcasino is fully registered so you can be sure you are not breaking any laws.

Top 5 Smartphones in 2015

 Do you consider the idea of buying a new smartphone this year? In order to help you with your decision, we have picked up the top five smartphones of 2015. The previous year gave us some fantastic smartphones, but this year is offering us some great smartphones ever! In every release you will see minor and major changes over their predecessors. This will help you to make your decision easier and to pick out the perfect one and the best smartphone for you. The war to be the best smartphosamsung galaxy s6ne in 2015 has officially begun. Here we are going to introduce to you the top five smartphones:

   1. Samsung Galaxy S6

This is the high standard of the galaxy series for all other Android smartphones. The design is similar to the Samsung Galaxy S5. This is the first Samsung Android phone which will have Qualcomm Snapdragon 810. It has a 64 bit chip. This chip is designed to share high digital photos, stream Ultra HD videos (4K) and play online 3D games. The storage of Samsung Galaxy S6 will be 32 GB. The release date is March, 2015.Xperia Z4

   2. Sony Xperia Z4

Sony continues with its series of models Xperia. This model has a 20.7 mega-pixel camera and it have screen ranging between 5”-5.5” inches. The central issue is the longevity of battery life. It is going to come with Android’s operating software: Lollipop. The release date is April 2015.

   3. iPhone 6S

Iphone 6There is also a rumor that apple will release a completely new phone, which could be iPhone 7! This iPhone 6S is flexible and foldable. There is not much to say about apple, only that it is amazing. Like it previous releases, this one looks promising. Let’s us not forget that, the Apple is presenting us a new model – so it must be perfect.

   4. LG G4

The previous model had great success and one was of the favorite among Android fans and LG fans together. So, it is not surprising having this model on the list of the top five smartphones of 2015. This phone will have 4k screen and 810 Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. This processor will improve on the phone’s processing capabilities and it will provide stiff competition to the carrying rivals.

   5. HTC HimaHTC Hima

This model is a replacement of the HTC One. This phone has 2K screen, and a little improvement on the 1080 HD standard. The phone will have 64-bit Snapdragon 810 processor and 2,840mAH battery. This model will have Android Lollipop operating software.

Now, you can choose between these models and find the one which is perfect for your usage. If, you didn’t buy one, now it is the time to do it. These are the top five smartphones in this year. Beside these models you can find many others. But these top five will have all your attention as long as you want to play games with it, take pictures and share any videos and whatever is on your mind. A plenty of functions is available on these smartphones.